world traveller & director

Twenty three year old world traveller and award winning director Marko Roth is always searching for the most authentic encounters and emotional moments from around the globe. His work is dedicated to illustrating travel, culture and the outdoors but with a uniquely human touch.

For Marko, travel is lived through emotions and people. People on the move, people making a difference and people with a story to share. Today, Marko’s addiction to travel has taken him to more than fourty different countries in every corner of the globe. Marko spreads life’s stunning moments through contemporary storytelling enjoyed by generations both young and old.

Growing up in small town Bad Vilbel, with a mild James Bond obsession and a dog named Randale, Marko went on to finish school and college in Frankfurt with a one year exchange in Montreal. He then completed studies in Media and Economics at Media University in Stuttgart whilst once again studying abroad, this time in Copenhagen.

Marko’s unique approach has seen him work with brands as global as his passport stamps. His current reel features clients such as Mercedes Benz, Air New Zealand, National Geographic and GoPro.

“Working with Marko means, to go on a crazy journey and return with pictures filled with the desire for the next one.”

Tobias Fritschen, Creative Director, KOLLE REBBE

“Marko comes up with fantastic creative ideas and goes to great lengths to deliver the best product for the client. He demonstrates a great ability to solve problems comprehensively and to think and act both creatively and strategically around the client’s needs.”

Belinda Schaffarz, Marketing Manager, KPRN