My Gear


“I always try to be as small and flexible as possible with all my gear. It is all about the authentic moment you want to catch. Shooting film is like an eagle in the sky scouting for its prey. Capturing the best footage requires fast reflexes. Same as the eagle needs to dive down quick you need to get your camera ready instantly to catch the best lighting and most authentic action.”

My cameras

For filming:

Sony Alpha 7s Mark II + Sigma 24mm F1,4 + Sigma 50mm F1,4 + Canon 100mm F2,8

For photography, timelapse and hyperlapse:

Canon 5D Mark III Kit + Timer (for timelapse or long exposure)

For aerial filming and photography:

DJI Phantom 4 Professional + Hardcase Backpack (for traveling)

For action, underwater and POV shots:

GoPro 4 Black

My Bags

Barrels and backpacks:

TATONKA is an owner-run family company that is based in Germany. Their claim is to make perfect products for people who like to do things outdoors. Their products have to meet the highest standards for materials and manufacture.

All Tatonka products are made at their own factories in Vietnam. Tatonka offers their colleagues in Vietnam fair working conditions and high social standards. Once a week, Tatonka’s production facilities in Vietnam, open its doors. With the project “”Open Factory””, Tatonka is going its own unique way showing transparency. Anyone who is interested is welcome to visit the facility while it is in production.