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Marko`s travel blog was born in 2015 based on the idea to share stunning moments of life. This webpage is written by Marko Roth, a media addict who loves to chase the world. He illustrates not only content about traveling and diverse cultures, but also narrates stories about the people behind these scenes. Recent collaborations mainly include projects dealing with key media appearing online and in print.

Marko`s travel blog is an interdisciplinary magazine based in Germany. Its signification is to feature creative and openminded persons operating with photography and video, such as the team behind Marko. They are dedicated to spread moods, expressions and stories.

Marko and his team always seek after interesting people and remarkable cultures around the world to deliver the very best in visual storytelling.

Marko’s community prospers with every new part of the world he travels to. Therefore he targeted to inspire everyone by showing pure and authentic details, spirits and emotions. He collects these impressions far beyond the borders of Germany.

As long as spirit and culture exist, there are stories to be told.

“Thank you for displaying our country to the world through a beautiful lens. Tons of us have shared the video. Hope you enjoyed your stay. Our home is your home.”

by Samar Al M., Oman

“Videographer Marko Roth presents us with a beautiful video of his twelve-day trip to Oman. Experience the thrill, authenticity, and deliciousness of this Middle Eastern country in a four-minute, action-packed video.”

by Fathom Way To Go, New York

“I am in love with each seconds of it, well done!
Seriously as if i was there with you guys.”

by Andrew M., Turkey

About Marko

Speed round of favorites
Hometown: Frankfurt am Main.

Occupation: Freelance filmmaker, student.

Favorite destinations: All the hidden spots on earth.

Dying to visit: Pakistan.

Bizarre travel rituals: I never travel without my camera.

In-flight relaxation regime: Drinking Gin and Tonic.

Concierge or DIY? DIY.

See it all or take it easy? Take it easy.

What’s the meaning of your logo?: For me shooting film is like an eagle in the sky scouting for its prey. You observe the situation and look at things from a new and higher perspective. Capturing the best footage requires fast reflexes. Same as the eagle needs to dive down quickly you need to get your camera ready instantly to catch the best lighting and most authentic action.

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